Repair Service


We manufacture, sell and service Vehicle Sensor Systems.  They are used to provide a "free exit" for automatic driveway gates, as an "early warning" to notify home/business owners that a vehicle is approaching, and/or to illuminate the area when a vehicle passes the sensor. These are the same systems that were previously manufactured by Outdoor Security Systems (Division of Sentrol, now GE Interlogix) and by Racon. We sell our products to dealers, distributors and integrators world wide. We provide repair service for all of the equipment we manufacture. This is an information only web site; we do not collect, retrieve or store any information from this site.

Our Mission

Our goal is to provide the best possible products and service to our customers.


Company Profile

We began as a Subchapter S entity in August 1993, and incorporated in the State of Washington in January 1994.  We have been a member of the American Fence Association since 1994. 

Contact Information

1-800-500-6367 (USA Only), 1-253-589-1912
Street Address (for UPS, Fed-X, Courier)
10517 Mt. Tacoma Dr SW Tacoma WA 98498
Mail Address
PO Box 88607  Steilacoom  WA  98388-0607
Electronic mail
General Information: mfmsensors@earthlink.net